Golden Whitefish Caviar Roe

  • Our Whitefish caviar is sustainably sourced from the freshwater Lake Huron region of
    Canada, renowned for its pristine waters.
  • Each small, slightly crunchy pearl has a pale to golden yellow color and slight radiance.
  • With a subtle and delicate flavor profile, Whitefish caviar offers a mild saltiness and
    natural sweetness that is versatile and pairs well with many dishes.
  • It’s also an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B12 and D, and essential
    nutrients that promote overall health and wellbeing.


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Whitefish Caviar Information

  • Whitefish caviar is derived from the roe (eggs) of various species of whitefish, such as whitefish from the Great Lakes or other freshwater sources.
  • The caviar typically consists of small to medium-sized pearls that range in color from pale to golden yellow.
  • Whitefish caviar is known for its mild and delicate flavor, with a subtle brininess.
  • It has a slightly crunchy texture and bursts with a satisfying pop when consumed.
  • Whitefish caviar is commonly served on blinis or toast points, accompanied by crème fraîche or sour cream.
  • It is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and essential minerals.

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