Kaluga Amur Caviar

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Explore the rich flavors of Kaluga Hybrid caviar, obtained from crossing the esteemed Kaluga and Amur Sturgeon. Kaluga sturgeon, a robust species known to reach lengths of up to 18 feet and weighing as much as 2,200 pounds, thrives in the Amur River Basin, spanning Russia and China. Kaluga caviar is often called the “river Beluga” for its resemblance to the Beluga sturgeon, offers a taste profile akin to its renowned counterpart, boasting a delectable and sophisticated essence. Similarly, the Amur sturgeon’s natural habit is also found in the Amur River basin.

Species: Huso dauricus x Acipenser schrenkii

Common Name: Kaluga Hybrid Sturgeon

Origin: China

Method: Farmed

Color : Deep Brown & Jade Green

Flavour: Rich and buttery flavor with subtle briny notes.

Egg Size: Medium-sized pearls

Texture: Semi-firm and robust texture

Suggested Pairing:

  • Savour with blinis, crème fraîche, and a full-bodied Chardonnay or a rich Cabernet Sauvignon to bring out the bold and buttery flavors.
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