Imperial Osetra Caviar

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Traditionally reserved for noble families over the centuries, Imperial caviar remains a prized delicacy among caviar enthusiasts. Obtained from fully matured Osetra sturgeon, this caviar demands the sturgeon to typically reach 15 years of age or older to produce the large, resilient eggs essential for Imperial caviar. Through scrupulous grading and production methods, each individual egg boasts the highest caliber, rendering this caviar an exceptionally scarce commodity. Indulge in the ultimate luxury, celebrated for its scarcity and exquisite taste.

Species: Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii

Common Name: Imperial (Golden) Osetra Sturgeon

Origin: Italy, Israel, China

Method: Farmed

Color : Typically exhibits a golden to light brown color

Flavour: Nutty and buttery flavor with a lingering sweetness

Egg Size: Medium to large-sized pearls

Texture: Firm and refined texture

Suggested Pairing:

  • Indulge in combination with toast points, whipped butter, and a glass of chilled dry white wine like French Chablis or Champagne to complement the nutty and buttery notes.
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