Beluga Caviar 2nd Grade

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Explore our second-grade caviar selection, distinguished by its softer texture and shorter shelf life, offering a more accessible option without compromising on quality. This delicacy provides a satisfying taste experience, ideal for casual gatherings or personal indulgence. Experience culinary delight with every serving.

Species: Huso Huso

Common Name: Beluga Sturgeon

Origin: Iran

Method: Farmed

Color : Light to dark grey

Flavour: Buttery and creamy with subtle hints of the sea.

Egg Size: Large, delicate pearls

Texture: Smooth, velvety texture.

Suggested Pairing:

  • Savor the flavor by serving it chilled on its own or paired with blinis and a touch of high-quality unsalted butter. For a more decadent experience, serve it with a glass of chilled of chilled vintage Champagne, and you’ll experience the perfect balance of flavors. A Blanc de Blancs, made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes, is an excellent choice as it has a bright and fresh flavor with a mineral edge.
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