Perigord Truffles

The Black Perigord truffle is a highly prized and rare type of truffle that offers an exceptional culinary experience. This mushroom is known as “the black diamond” because of its luxurious taste and high cost, which is due to its scarcity. The truffle gets its name from the region in France where it has been harvested for more than two centuries. Although it can also be found in other parts of Southern Europe, such as Spain and Italy, its natural production has significantly decreased due to climate change.

We offer our customers the unique flavor of this exceptional truffle. The Black Perigord truffle has a distinctive taste that combines nutty and earthy notes, and some people detect a subtle woody flavor in Périgord truffles. Its umami flavor and aroma pair well with rich and heavy dishes.

Note: Order fresh truffles 3-5 business days in advance, as they are not stocked daily.


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Truffle Facts

Due to this decline in production, truffle farms have emerged worldwide, and black truffles are now being cultivated in places where they have never grown before, such as the United States and Australia. The season for harvesting black truffles varies depending on the hemisphere, with the Northern Hemisphere’s season running from November to March and the Southern Hemisphere’s season running from June to September.

Storage Tips

Store in the refrigerator, wrapped in a paper towel (change the paper tower daily or as needed) and in an airtight container. Also some people like to store it in a container filled with rice, you can use the rice to cook a delicious risotto afterwards.


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