Imperial Osetra Caviar

Imperial or “Golden” Osetra caviar is a rare variety which used to be exclusively reserved for the czars of Russia.  It is produced from the most mature Ocetra Sturgeon.  At that point, the eggs change to a pale golden colour and the flavour becomes smooth, creamy, and delicate.  With its medium sized grains and firm texture, Imperial Caviar is the connoisseur’s favourite caviar for its excellent taste and quality.

Today, the Osetra-bearing species is facing extinction in its native Caspian habitat due to the fact that wild-caught Russian sturgeon (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) are immediately slaughtered to determine their sex and egg-bearing condition. Farm-raised sturgeon by contrast are periodically scanned by harmless ultrasound to make the same determination. Continuous drastic declines in natural sturgeon populations over the past 30 years plus a high market demand for caviar have led the way for the cultivation of sturgeon for the production of caviar.


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