Spring White Truffles (Tuber Borchii Vitt/ Bianchetto)


The Italian truffle known as “bianchetto,” often referred to as “Tuber borchii” and “White spring truffle,” is found on soils ranging from sandy to clay and limestone. However, fortunately, they do not mature at the same time; this one is collected from January through the end of April. The exterior is quite similar to that of Tartufo bianco d’Alba.

The surface of the bianchetto is smooth and pale white, and the interior is reddish-brown with rough, wide, and branched veins that are initially white but eventually turn brown. Albeit the flavor is not particularly nice, the aroma is strong and suggestive of garlic (although not as strong as the aroma of a real white truffle).

This truffle costs less than renowned white truffles and highly sought black truffles. It is advised to incorporate it into salads or homemade broths.


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