Sevruga Caviar

Sevruga represents the smallest member of the sturgeon family. Alongside the esteemed Beluga and Osetra caviar, Sevruga caviar is part of the trio of caviars originating from the Caspian Sea. Sevruga caviar is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most exclusive caviars, revered as a culinary gem for its exceptional taste, rarity, and exclusivity.

Species: Acipenser Stellatus

Common Name: Sevruga Sturgeon

Origin: Italy

Method: Farmed

Color : Dark gray to black color

Flavour: Bold and briny taste with an earthy undertone

Egg Size: Small-sized pearls

Texture: Delicate and smooth texture

Suggested Pairing:

  • Indulge in combination with potato pancakes, sour cream, and a cold shot of high-quality vodka. Vodka is a classic pairing for Sevruga caviar, accentuating the intense and briny flavors and allowing the caviar to shine due to its clean and neutral flavor.



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