Beluga (Huso Huso)-2nd grade

Same caviar but ‘softer’

Beluga caviar is a very sought-after delicacy and thus quite expensive to relish. This is your chance to experience the magnificent flavor of Beluga Caviar without the magnificent price tag. Our selection of melt-in-mouth, buttery soft, and creamy caviar is the perfect addition to your holiday celebrations during the months of November and December. So keep your blinis warm and toasty and give yourself the experience of a lifetime.

Beluga is the largest and rarest of all the Sturgeons. Due to the scarcity and prestige of Beluga Caviar, it was known to be reserved for royal families. The flavor can only be described as a perfect balance of salt and butter undertones. It is also known to be the best-tasting caviar in the world.



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