Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Aged 12+ Years)

Includes fancy box, information booklet, cork tip for easy pouring and cork top lid for storage.

Aging: 12+ years
Region: Modena

Product of Modena, Italy





Modena’s balsamic vinegar is a special and flavorful product that has conquered many refined palates. The balsamic vinegar of Modena is a product qualified as exclusive and distinctive I.G.P(Indication Geographical Protected) of the territory of the current provinces of Modena and Emilia Regio, which roughly correspond to the former Estense Duchy.

Known worldwide for goodness and authenticity, this seasoning has become over the years one of the ambassadors in Italy and the good Italian table.



The origin of vinegar date back to the ancient Romans. In Modena there have always been different types of vinegar obtained from grape must enriched successively with different flavors derived from different recipes, different preparation, and aging methods. The term “balsamic” on the other hand, has been used for the first time in 1747 in some of the inventories of the canteens of the Ducal Palace of Modena, probably the name is born from the even therapeutic use of this product which was said to be “a balsamic effect and refreshing. ”In the nineteenth century, “acetaia” or wineries where vinegar from the province of Modena was made and aged became increasingly numerous and during the postwar period, the economic boom leads some producers to market this seasoning with the name of “balsamic vinegar” to make it known abroad thanks to important exhibition events.


Suggestion: There is no real rule on how you should or should not use this fine aged balsamic vinegar. Just a small amount of it will reveal the best taste, not to mention it has always been used by the best culinary traditional chefs.

3.4 fluid ounce (100 milliliters)

Packaging: Glass Bottle – Includes fancy box, information booklet, cork top lid for pouring and storage.

Aging: 12 years
Region: Modena

Product of Modena, Italy