How To Eat Caviar?

Classic caviar service is simple and elegant. Keep caviar refrigerated until ready to serve. Ideally nestle the entire open tin or jar in a bed of crushed ice, with the lid alongside. This is not only attractive, but also informative to your guests. Accompany caviar with fresh toast points, with or without butter, blini, or potatoes. Perhaps a touch of crème fraiche, but nothing more to mask the intense and bewitching experience of eating caviar

What Are The Traditional Condiments Served With Caviar?

The traditional condiments are hard boiled egg yolks, egg whites, chives, creme fraiche, capers, and red onions. However, caviar connoisseurs insist that any ingredient that alter the taste and distract from the pure flavour of Sturgeon caviar should not be used and that these condiments should be saved for other less expensive grades of caviar only.