Caviar Pairings (Wine, Sparkling, Champagne, Beer)

Caviar is the perfect match for alcohol beverages. Here are some general guidelines from successful pairings we have done in the past.  Enjoy!!


Caviar Pairings with Wine & Sparkling Wine

Pinot Noir
Canadian White Sturgeon, Golden Whitefish & Salmon Caviar.

Canadian White Sturgeon, Black Caviar, Trout & Golden Whitefish Caviar.

Sauvignon Blanc
Salmon, Trout & Golden Whitefish Caviar.

Beluga, Canadian White Sturgeon & Black Pearl Osetra Caviar.

Sparkling Rosé
Beluga, Russian Osetra & Karat Osetra Caviar.

Blanc de Blanc
Canadian White Sturgeon, Trout & Salmon Caviar.

Blanc de Noir
Beluga & Imperial Osetra Caviar.

Venetian & Siberian Sturgeon Caviar.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Canadian White Sturgeon from British Columbia.


Caviar Pairings with Beer

Russian Osetra & Siberian Sturgeon Caviar.

Amber Ale
Russian Osetra & Karat Osetra.

Salmon, Golden Whitefish & Trout Caviar.