Proudly Canadian-Owned

Caviar Centre is a family-owned business established in 1992 who has played a pioneering role in introducing premium quality caviar to the Canadian market and educating Canadians about this unique and delicious delicacy.

A Bit Of History

Caviar Centre is a family business that was founded by the passionate and dedicated Mark Omidi back in 1992. Mark grew up in Langarud, a city on the south coast of the Caspian Sea, which has always been the centre of Iran’s fisheries and caviar production. 

As a child, Mark was introduced to caviar and his fascination and passion for this exceptional gourmet product only grew stronger with time.

Initial Stages

In 1992, Mark formed the Caspian Pearl caviar company in partnership with a friend who was already a successful caviar entrepreneur in Spain. 

Unfortunately, after only two short years, Mark’s partner decided to pull out of the venture, believing that the Canadian market was too small to warrant continued investment and time. However, this setback only motivated Mark further and strengthened his resolve to continue pursuing his passion for caviar.

Building The Foundation

Despite being relatively new in Canada, with two young children, and during one of the worst periods of recession and instability in the country’s history, Mark founded Caviar Centre in 1994. His love for the ancient and remarkable Sturgeon and their mystifying caviar drove him forward and he was determined to make it a success.

Over the past 30 years, Mark and his entire family, especially his son Steven and wife Nilou, have been fully committed to the company. They have participated in dozens of trade shows across Canada to introduce caviar and its unique qualities to Canadians. Mark has even been a pioneer in the caviar industry, speaking on live television and radio about this precious and exotic commodity.

Fast Forward To Now

Caviar Centre takes great pride in supporting local and national charities and being a proactive and cooperative member of the Toronto community. Today, Mark still leads the company in an advisory role and continues to discover new, rare, and exotic delicacies from around the world. He treats his clients like family and is always excited to share his passion for caviar with them.
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